Finding the happiness in the simple things

Saturday Morning

Simply stunning

The smallest things in life bring me the most pleasure, sure I get a kick out of buying something from a new car to new trainers but I find that the happiness that material things brings is short lived. I love the random, the unexpected, the thoughtful. A thank you card left for me to find, an unexpected compliment, appreciation after I’ve cooked a meal.

This morning, I walked my dog as I do every single morning. I looked up from the top of the field and was greeted with the above picture. Simply stunning. My mood lifted, the smile was genuine and there was a spring in my step. Nature has a funny way of just being there but often we do not take time to look up and appreciate the natural beauty that is all around us.

It is raining now, absolutely pouring so I guarantee that the field is not quite as beautiful and if I were walking, my head would be down to avoid the rain. I am blessed with nature’s gift this morning, she chose to share her beauty with me and fill my heart.

Happy Saturday

H xx

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